Where to get pure C60?

And… why does it have to be pure C60?

Pure c60

Where to get pure c60?

After the interview where Professor Moussa talks about naked C60, we were asked where scientists and researchers typically go to buy pure naked C60. Pure C60 is manufactured in different ways, but the most prevalent is through the use of plasma arcs that evaporate graphite and produce small amounts of C60 along with other carbon residues. It is then purified using various chemicals to produce pure C60.

The source that was used in the Baati study comes from an American company called SES Research. It is one of the places that many scientists use to purchase pure naked C60. It is one of the best sources because they additionally can bake off the residues of solvents used to purify the pure C60.

Pure C60 is important for research in biology, as C60 that is tainted with solvents cannot readily be used for any scientific research projects since the solvents can be toxic to cells. Pure C60 without a trace of solvents is required for most studies involved with biological specimens and in-vivo studies.

Currently SES offers purities of 99.5% and 99.95% respectively while a second company that is mentioned below is also available that provides a purity of 99.98% which is the highest purity we have come across.

Regardless of your research project, we ask for you to consider what kind of purity will meet your specifications. We suggest these two companies below that make available exceptional quality of fullerenes and pure C60 in the United States and abroad:

Sources of Pure C60:

  • SES: SES Research With Purities of 99.5% and 99.95%. We can only reccomend for you to use the vacuum oven dried C60 that leaves the C60 without solvents.
Please let us know if you find other companies that provide quality fullerenes, and we will add them to the list above and update this list.
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