Where to get pure C60?

And… why does it have to be pure C60?

Pure c60

Where to get pure c60?

After the interview where Professor Moussa talks about naked C60, we were asked where scientists and researchers typically go to buy pure naked C60. Pure C60 is manufactured in different ways, but the most prevalent is through the use of plasma arcs that evaporate graphite and produce small amounts of C60 along with other carbon residues. It is then purified using various chemicals to produce pure C60.

The source that was used in the Baati study comes from an American company called SES Research. It is one of the places that many scientists use to purchase pure naked C60. It is one of the best sources because they additionally can bake off the residues of solvents used to purify the pure C60.

Pure C60 is important for research in biology, as C60 that is tainted with solvents cannot readily be used for any scientific research projects since the solvents can be toxic to cells. Pure C60 without a trace of solvents is required for most studies involved with biological specimens and in-vivo studies.

Currently SES offers purities of 99.5% and 99.95% respectively while a second company that is mentioned below is also available that provides a purity of 99.98% which is the highest purity we have come across.

Regardless of your research project, we ask for you to consider what kind of purity will meet your specifications. We suggest these two companies below that make available exceptional quality of fullerenes and pure C60 in the United States and abroad:

Sources of Pure C60:

  • SES: SES Research With Purities of 99.5% and 99.95%. We can only reccomend for you to use the vacuum oven dried C60 that leaves the C60 without solvents.
Please let us know if you find other companies that provide quality fullerenes, and we will add them to the list above and update this list.
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Anthony Loera is the President and Founder of RevGenetics. His posts provide information on Telomerase Activators, TA-65, Resveratrol and C60 Olive Oil.

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  1. Is such oil is for human diet in future but when will available to consumers on commercial basis?
    If some one starts at his age 45 what will impact on his normal life span as we considered normally 70 years average today. How it will prolong his life span if he is starting it’s usage from his 45?
    Pl Explain…..

    • Hi Khan, the Paris University study shows what C60 Olive Oil has done in rats. According to the study, the rats that started the treatment, started at 10 months old. That is about 300 days (In the study it says M10 to denote the 10th Month). The treated rats stopped being treated at M17, so they were only treated for 7 months. After this they only took water. Now the control rats that originally only took water were all dead by M38 (month 38), while 100% of the C60 treated rats where still alive at M38. The rats used in the study had an estimated lifespan between 30-36 months. So it appears if a rat that had a life expectancy of say… 82.7 years, may need to start taking C60 Olive Oil at 22 years of age, then stop 16 years later, to get an additional 74 years added to his life… The big rat would die at 157 years of age…

      of course we don’t have rats that live that long. I am just hoping that this may affect us humans in a similar fashion, and that it will be available for human consumption sometime in the near future. At this time it isn’t available for human consumption in the United States, but it can be ordered for research purposes.

      At this time, no one knows how long the rats would have ended up living if they kept taking the C60 treatment, rather than having it stopped at Month 17. In the study it states in it’s conclusions that… “It can be thought that a longer treatment could have generated a longer lifespan”.

      • When do you estimate it will be available for human consumption? Are there human testing in progress?

        • It is tough to say. Current laws prohibit C60 as a dietary supplement, while big pharma has no incentive to produce it for human consumption. Most folks who are interested in taking it themselves are buying high quality baked C60, that removes all impurities… then mixing it in olive oil using one of the methods shown here http://c60.net/how-to-make-c60-olive-oil/ . Most labs that produce C60 Olive Oil use the same method to produce quantity batches for private research as well as public research in schools or labs.

  2. I just happened to come across the full report by professor Moussa, and one of the things they also did, was they gave a rat that was at the end of its life expectancy- which had not been given the C60 thus far- and it begun behaving like a young rat, and lived much longer than those that were not given the solution.
    Another report by a Dutch guy, who happens to be a sportsman and fitness instructor, said that after taking the C60 himself for a number of weeks, and regardless of his age, a young 46 year-old, his training routine could be extended without much extra effort from his part, had more energy and more explosive power, such as that gained after having taken high doses of creatine monohydrate! I should also note that professor Moussa also mentioned that C60 fullerene was not toxic whatsoever, he was quite emphatic about it !


  1. […] purity C60 available, and are used by researchers world wide. You can find more information here: (Where to get pure C60). After the C60 arrived, it was time to use some of it to make C60 Olive […]

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