C60 Olive Oil: A New Study That Doubled Longevity Of Animals

C60 Olive Oil:

c60 olive oil study

C60 olive oil study

RevGenetics first reported a new breakthrough study in their newsletter and blog here: (Buckyballs). A breakthrough study using (Fullerenes) Buckyballs  and olive oil was published in April of 2012.

C60 Olive Oil Since Then:

Since then many scientists and researchers alike were perplexed and wondered if the paper that featured Buckyball Olive Oil and came from the University of Paris was fraudulent or had errors. The main issue was that many researchers were simply astonished at the increased longevity that this study reported.

Recently at the GRG, the same questions were being asked.

C60 Olive Oil Scientists Chime In:

In May we had reviewed a privileged email sent to the GRG. In it, we read private comments from the authors of the paper. We realized immediatly that the scientists were not frauds or inexperienced at all. In fact they had been studying C60 for two decades mostly concentrating on it’s chemical and material properties. As a matter of ongoing scientific studies into the material properties, the scientists mainly wanted to show whether C60 was toxic, or not toxic at all. They were not expecting anything else when they began the Buckyball Olive Oil study.

When asked about the mistakes in the graphs, the replied that they did make some mistakes with a graphics program, however that those mistakes had nothing to do with the actual results of the study. They also stated they would submit corrections to the publication.

That email was sent to the GRG back in May of 2012.

Fast forward to June 26th:

The corrections were submitted and these appeared in the publication (link). Later, a group who reviews retractions and errors commented on it in a separate blog (link). The blog goes on to describe and state the errors and corrections of the publication, but more importantly it finds that the errors in the graphs made no material difference to the conclusions reached by the study.

After I personally had finished reading the first GRG email in May, and then recently read about the corrections being submitted and published by these veteran scientists, I can only deduct that this Buckyball Olive Oil study was authentic and an amazing study in longevity. It is probably one of the more important studies made, and likely many will try to reproduce it to verify it’s conclusions.

There is no doubt that this remains impressive, and as of this writing, I have to state that I have had the chance to replicate the C60 Olive Oil and am investigating it’s effects. I hope to have personal updates regarding this.

We look forward to more updates, and will present them here for you to consider.


About the GRG:

Founded in 1990, the GRG group consist of physicians, scientists, and engineers dedicated to the quest to slow and ultimately reverse human aging within the next 20 years. The GRG typically holds meetings at UCLA, USC, or CalTech once a month, usually at 8:00 PM on the second Monday of the month. Occasionally, the GRG group makes field trips to visit different laboratories. The GRG is most known by the media and the press as the world authority on validating Supercentenarians, persons 110 years old or older. The GRG website is here (http://www.grg.org/)


About Anthony

Anthony Loera is the President and Founder of RevGenetics. His posts provide information on Telomerase Activators, TA-65, Resveratrol and C60 Olive Oil.

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