What is the C60 Olive Oil Solubility And It’s Solubility In Other Oils?

C60 Olive Oil Solubility

C60 Olive Oil Solubility

C60 Olive Oil Solubility Was Tested In a Russian Study.


In the study they compared the C60 olive oil solubility as one of the many tested with fullerenes in various types of oils.  In the study it shows C60 solubility for 9 types of oils, and how increasing the amount of heat to the oil, allowed the C60 olive oil solubility to increase.

But C60 olive oil solubility was not the only one tested. They also tested C60 lineseed oil solubility, C60 apricot oil solubility, C60 grape oil solubility among others.

Specifics to C60 olive oil solubility

C60 solubility in olive oil was tested to be dissolved at the following temperatures:

  • 0 Degrees Centigrade, dissolved 264 mg of C60 per liter of olive oil.
  • 20 Degrees Centigrade, dissolved 470 mg of C60 per liter of olive oil.
  • 40 Degrees Centigrade, dissolved 750 mg of C60 per liter of olive oil.
  • 60 Degrees Centigrade, dissolved 858 mg of C60 per liter of olive oil.
  • 80 Degrees Centigrade, dissolved 1,206 mg of C60 per liter of olive oil.
While the russian team verified C60 solubility in olive oil, they also found that some of the other oils dissolved olive oil at greater amounts. The complete study is available in the link below that shows the complete data for C60 solubility in olive oil, as well as the others:
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Anthony Loera is the President and Founder of RevGenetics. His posts provide information on Telomerase Activators, TA-65, Resveratrol and C60 Olive Oil.

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  1. Can you ingest C60 safely without dissolving it in oils ..and if so what would be a daily dose?

    • The issue is that C60 alone and not dissolved in Olive Oil, has not been shown to be absorbed very well at all. It is also very difficult to dissolve in water (but possible). Only the C60 that was suspended in Olive oil seemed to produce the protection against free radical damage. I would not eat C60 in it’s pure state at this time, without dissolving it in some form so it can easily be absorbed in the cells.

  2. madscribbler says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Great post!

    Could you kindly post more details from the study? I am keen to learn more about the possibility of dissolving C60 in other oils like grapeseed oil.


  3. Hello

    Are those carbon-60 come in different sizes and weights. I have someone tell me that it is not the weight of the c60 but it is the quantity of carbon surface availability that matters. The smaller the particles the more surface is available. All others have minimal surface. As they are in clusters. Which category does your c60 fall under. The small particles or the big particles.


    • Carbon 60 is dissolved in Olive Oil, there is no issue with particle size unless you are purchasing the pristine C60 and using it in another application where it is not dissolved. Particle size is usually a problem when you are initially trying to dissolve the C60 in a solution as it takes longer to dissolve with a larger particle size. Our particle reduction phase deals with this issue for our manufacturing process. I hope this helps.

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