C60 Olive Oil Preparation – Things Learned

C60 Olive Oil Preparations

At RevGenetics we make much of C60 Olive Oil preparation information public, because we know many labs would like to make the material. While we have been making C60 for a bit to use on internal projects, we have come across some tidbits that may help your lab. Below are some personal comments regarding the preparation of C60 Olive Oil.

The Pure C60 Fullerene Material You Purchase:

1- Please only purchase C60 Fullerene that is 99.95% pure and baked, so that all the chemicals used to make the material have been burned off. Although minute, the chemicals in cells could cause adverse reactions in your experiments.

C60-Particle-reduction-Phase1x2- The material will be very fine, however sometimes the c60 may clump together and take much longer and be more difficult to dissolve. Try to break the material apart by either using a mortar and pestle and ‘grind it’ a bit or by using machinery that can reduce particle size to help separate the C60 clumps apart.

The video here shows particle size reduction as the first phase of producing C60 Olive Oil. What you see is Organic Olive Oil and C60 forced up through a custom high tolerance particle reduction plate at high pressure. This is done to separate the clumped C60 before the actual stirring process begins. This phase easily lasts longer than an hour:

3- The C60 is carbon and black, so it will darken your olive oil quite a bit while you stir and it dissolves. Do not obsess over color, as different oils may produce different shades of color from a purple tint to a reddish brown. As an example you will note the color difference between the particle reduction phase shown above and the stirring phase shown lower on this page.

Stirring C60 Olive Oil:

1- Stirring can take a long time with regular magnetic stirrers. They usually are slower than mechanical stirrers because of the viscosity of the olive oil. The magnetic stirrers however are very cheap compared to industrial stirrers made to stir material for hours upon hours on end.

Heating C60 Olive Oil:

C60-Temperature1- Stirring in a magnetic stirrer and heating the material can help increase dissolution. However if you use a high speed mechanical stirrer you may not need to heat the C60 Olive Oil as average operating temperatures of high speed stirrer will increase the temperature of the oil between 50-55 degrees centigrade on the average.

2- If you use a magnetic stirrer and have the time, no heating is necessary.

Filtering C60 Olive Oil:

1- According to the video we shot in Paris, it is not necessary to filter the material unless you will be publishing your findings in a scientific journal.

2- Initial observations of C60 Olive Oil in your experiments can be done without filtering the material.

C60 Olive Oil Dose:

Below I provide a quick lookup on the dosage used in the study, and some comparable dosages to other animals you may consider in your research, strictly based on weight. We just present the following for informational purposes only, and the researcher will need to ascertain the final dose they will use for their purposes.

1- The rodents from the study only took the C60 Olive Oil once a day for 7 days and weekly during the first two months, then once every two weeks the rest of the 7 months of treatment. Nothing more was ever given to them for the rest of their lives. They lived almost twice as long as rodents taking regular food and water.

2- Dose: 1 ml of C60 Olive Oil (with 0.8 mg C60/ml) for every 495 grams of rodent body weight.

  • 1 rodent (495 grams) dose = 1 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml),
  • 1 Chihuahua (2177 grams) dose = 4.39 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)
  • 1 House cat (4082 grams) dose = 8.24 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)
  • 1 Labrador (29483 grams) dose = 59.5 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)
  • 1 (120 lb) Great Dane (54431 grams) dose = 109.9 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)
  • 1 (200 lb) Mastiff (90718 grams) dose = 183.26 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)
  • 1 (1000 lb) Racehorse (453592 grams) dose = 916.34 ml of C60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg C60/ml)

We hope the information provided by RevGenetics will help you with your ongoing research using C60 Olive Oil.

Where to purchase ready made C60 Olive Oil:

Consider purchasing C60 From a reputable American company. If you need small amounts that are readily available for your research.

RevGenetics has provided C60 in various oils in the past, and if you sign up to our newsletter, we will notify you when we may do a batch of C60 Oil in the near future such as our Razor C60 Oil

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