Where can I buy C60 Olive Oil?

C60 Olive Oil Manufacturers

C60 Olive Oil Manufacturers

Buy C60 Olive Oil

Today the C60 carbon material is sold only to researchers and laboratories around the world. Scientists use the material to study it’s properties in manufacturing, nanotechnology, biomedical, and electronics.

C60 Olive oil is not generally made by many companies for research at this time. However a couple have cropped up, and do provide quality material for research purposes. So, if you have a science project and want to research C60 Olive Oil on your own, this is now possible.

Below we have a link to a United States company that produces C60 Olive Oil for research purposes.


Buy C60 Olive Oil In The United States:

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When you buy C60 Olive Oil:

We remind you that the C60 Olive Oil that these companies sell are only sold for research purposes. We advise you that for your next science project you consider the amount you may need. The amount given to the rodents in the study was

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per kilogram of bodyweight. Depending on the weight of your research subject, you may want to buy C60 Olive Oil enough to make it last throughout the course of your experiment, like the original study, or more depending on the animal’s body weight.

There may be a few online companies that may pop up to offer C60 Olive Oil, we advise only to buy C60 Olive Oil from those companies found in the links above that have been around for a while, or have proven themselves.



About Anthony

Anthony Loera is the President and Founder of RevGenetics. His posts provide information on Telomerase Activators, TA-65, Resveratrol and C60 Olive Oil.

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  1. rimrockjim says:

    If your c60 is 100 ML, how many MG is it?

  2. C60 Olive Oil for all products linked in this post is 0.8mg per ml. That is the maximum amount that can be dissolved in olive oil per ml, and the same amounts per ml that was used in the study by Tarek Baati and Professor Fathi Moussa.

  3. Hi Anthony,

    I know leading scientists like Professor Moussa are not yet recommending using c60 on humans but….are you trying it yourself and are other people you know of trying it? let’s be fair, we are only human and if you are already using substances like resveratrol, astragaloside and cycloastragenol it’s very tempting to try c60 too!

  4. wmoreno@tulane.edu says:

    Hello, great website! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and new research in potential longevity. My question is basically to check my math for the dosing of a hypothetically giant rat: if the C60 present in the olive oil is 0.8 mg/ml and the dosing used in the research into rat/mouse longevity is 1.7 mg/kg of body weight, would a 185lb/83.915kg rat require roughly a 168ml dose of C60 olive oil? Forgive me for being lazy, but how many dosages were administered to the rats/mice daily/weekly, with meals?, time of day?


    • Yes, you are calculating it right if you want the big rat to have the same dose as the study. Personally I know a big rat that has taken that much. No issues, except the taste was disgusting… according to the rat. :) Now, some folks think a lower dose could help somewhat, but I am not sure as big rats that weigh in about 185 pounds tend to have a much different metabolism than small ones, and are likely to get rid of the c60 faster, much like other supplements I have seen in the past. But then again, the possibility does exist that a small dose may do good as well. If the big rat dose get the full dose, note that the full dose was given only for a week, then spread out in the study… so it wasn’t every day after the first week of the full dose I believe.

  5. What is I use the pure ingredient c60 and use that…few drops in a glass of water or directly. Would that do any harm or work at all?


  1. […] If you decide to purchase C60 Olive Oil, instead of trying to make C60 Olive Oil, please check our link that contains some current sources of ready made C60 Olive Oil for your latest research project: (Buy C60 Olive Oil) […]

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